Connected Vehicles FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that sometimes it is easier to just search for information on a single page to quickly find what you are looking for. Here are some frequently asked questions and other pieces of key information that we think might be useful and helpful in your research of Connected Vehicles Technology. Please take a look but don’t hesitate to call 888.963.1364 or email us if you can’t find what you are looking for. We would be happy to assist you.


We have done our best to categorize the FAQ to help you quickly and easily find the information. Please let us know if you have any suggestions to help us improve this section.

Connected Vehicles General FAQ

What is Connected Vehicles?

Connected Vehicles is a Fleet optimization and Telematics technology that not only tracks your fleet, it also reports on driver behaviour, vehicle performance, engine data and fault codes, etc. of each vehicle. All via a single web-based portal. We offer useable data and insight to help you be more productive and profitable. Learn more about the technology.

How much does Connected Vehicles solutions cost?

You pay upfront for the GO Device and an ongoing monthly fee for the service. We offer custom plans but please check out our featured plans and then call us at 1.888.963.1364 or email us for one of our affordable solutions.

I know Geotab is used by many of the largest fleets in the world but I just need something simple?

The GO device is an inexpensive, Plug-&-Play device that is simple to operate. We have different options depending on your needs. One of our Knowledgeable Consultants will be happy to discuss your needs and recommend a custom solution to fit your needs and your budget. Please call 1.888.963.1364 or email us.

What can I expect in the future?

Connected Vehicles uses Geotab as the foundation for our solutions because we know that Geotab makes continuous improvements to the technology. And, these improvements are automatically available to all our customers. In addition, Connected Vehicles work with partners and 3rd Party service providers on developing ways of feeding data from other systems into MyGeotab, and from MyGeotab back into other systems. This means if you use QuickBooks™ as an example, you could use a partner’s Add-On to automatically generate your invoices from your Geotab timesheets.

How does Connected Vehicles and Geotab secure the data?

We use SSL encryption, similar to the major financial institutions. You decide who has access to your database and what each person can access within the database. Connected Vehicles and Geotab employees have access to databases for troubleshooting purposes only, and we ask for your approval. To ensure complete transparency and accountability, all access into a customer database is audited and stored indefinitely within the database audit log for you when you wish to see it.

HOS / DVIR (Hours of Service / Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports)

Do you offer HOS/DVIR?

We offer HOS and DVIR solutions if you operate heavy commercial vehicles and are looking to improve your regulatory compliance and CSA score. Our HOS services work on specific Garmin devices as well as on Android devices through Geotab Drive. For more information, please speak with one of our knowledgeable staff.

Engine Data

Which engine data does the GO device log?

Availability of the data will depend on vehicle type, make, model and year. Please contact us at support@connectedvehicles.com for a full list.

How do I know what data is available from my vehicle?

The GO device automatically attempts to detect VIN, odometer, fuel usage, seat belt status, and engine faults. In some cases, your vehicle may not support the full range of features either because information are not available in older vehicles, or the manufacturer has made it proprietary.

Why am I not receiving any engine data?

Engine data will not be available to the GO device if it is connected using a 3-wire harness, or if the vehicle does not provide any engine data. You may be enrolled in our “Base Plan” which means that you will not have access to engine data. Please email us at support@connectedvehicles.com to upgrade your account.

What is over-rev detection and how do the thresholds work?

If the GO device gets RPM data from the vehicle, then rules or driver feedback can be set up within the MyGeotab software to detect over-revving of the engine. You can set thresholds in the software so it will alert you if the engine go over the chosen thresholds.

Which fuel types are supported?

It mostly depends on the vehicle make, model, and year for the GO device to get access to this information. Both gas (petrol) and diesel fuel are generally supported. Other alternative fuel sources (propane, CNG), and hybrids may be supported but this will also depend on the vehicle type. Please contact us at support@connectedvehicles.com if you have any questions.

Why do I not see fuel or fill up data for my vehicle?

This is dependant on how the vehicle stores fuel data and some vehicles may not even store fuel data. If fuel data is unavailable, chances are that the device will be unable to access this information.

Connected Vehicles Software

How often are my vehicles updated?

Every 15 seconds, the map is refreshed in the browser. The device update intervals are dependant on driver behavior or vehicle health. But, at a minimum, the GO device updates its location at least once every 100 seconds while driving. It updated the location more frequntly if there are changes in direction or speed.

Where is the data stored and for how long?

Data will be retained for at least one year. However, should a customer have specific purging or archiving needs, Connected Vehicles and Geotab will assist in managing those requirements. Data is stored within servers managed by Geotab at Q9, Google Cloud Services or Microsoft Azure Services.

How often is the odometer recorded?

The odometer is recorded at the beginning, end, and at every hour of a trip. When the GO device detects an ignition change, it will send an odometer request to the engine. The same request is sent every hour if a trip lasts longer than an hour. The last recorded odometer time is displayed beside the odometer field within MyGeotab. For more information about the odometer and how MyGeotab interacts with it, please see the document here.

What are the advantages of using a GPS-based odometer vs. an engine odometer?

GPS odomoter is vehicle independent and

  • It does not rely on engine data
  • It does not require any vehicle Add-Ons like FMS
  • It works with all makes/models
  • It doesn’t fluctuate with tire diameter or changes to the engine
  • It works in 2-wire & 3-wire modes
  • It is the most accurate data in most situations
Is GPS odometer more accurate than engine odometer?

GPS data is usually accurate down to a few meters when in a good coverage area.

System requirements and Compatibility

Can I use the software on my iPad, Android or Windows tablet?

The software will be accessible to you at my.geotab.com regardless of your location, computer, or mobile device, because it runs in your device’s web browser. Please note that you do require an active internet connection to use the software on any device.

What is MyGeotab web browser compatibility?

We support the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+
  • The latest version of Google Chrome
  • The latest version of Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari 6+

Please note that some functionality may still require the use of Windows(R) ClickOnce. If you are using a web browser other than Internet Explorer, a browser extension may be necessary. Software will guide you in installing the extension suited for your browser after your first log in.

What are the minimum system requirements to run MyGeotab?

Following are the requirements:

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 or later
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • .NET 2.0 (already installed with Vista)
  • 40 GB hard disk that has 15GB space free
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Additional hard disk space might be required for data storage
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) 5.0 or later
  • Android 3.0 or later (Android 2.1 or later when using Firefox for Android)
  • Touch screen displays are supported

It is a good idea to have access  to a high speed internet connection.

Reports and Dashboards

What reports are available?

We offer comprehensive set of reports to suit your business needs and you can even get custom reports to suit your business or application. We offer driver safety and behavior monitoring, risk management, zone entry and exit, real-time exceptions and many more reports.

How do I customize a report?

Report customization is easy. We are here to help if you need us. If you wish to try it yourself, here are the steps after you log into the software:

  • To configure the options of a report, go into Administration > Custom Reports.
  • Highlight the report to configure, then choose the Report Options button at the top. This is where you can define date ranges, groups of vehicles to be included in the report, exception rules, whether you want the report by driver or by vehicle, which zones to be included, and so on.
How can I create a Trip Report?

This is a quick report:

  • Just go to the Map section of MyGeotab, and select the vehicles you want included by clicking on the down arrow next to the box that says Device, VIN, zone, etc.
  • A list of vehicles will appear, highlight the one(s) you want.
  • Select Trips History, under Options, and select the time frame you wish to see.
  • Next, go the View button and select Advanced. It will display on the screen.
  • Click on the Excel button to download the report in an Excel spreadsheet.
How can I customize an existing report in MyGeotab?

Easily customize an existing report:

  • Just go into Administration > Reports > Report Views.
  • A list of all the reports will be displayed.
  • Select the report and then hit the export button to begin modifying the report.
  • Once your changes are made, you can then save the file, and then import the newly saved file back into the database.
How can I add my company logo to a report?

It is really simple to add the logo:

  • Just go into Administration > Reports.
  • When adding a new report, you can add your logo to the excel file before saving. This logo will appear whenever the report is run through MyGeotab or when scheduled to be emailed out.
  • You can do this for all your reports in MyGeotab.
How can I change my reports file type, from Excel to PDF?

Once you have selected a report and it is displayed on the screen, you will see a PDF button and an Excel button at the top. Choosing either one of these will send the report out in that format.

How do I change and see the delivery options for a report?

You can select delivery options:

  • Just go into Administration > Reports
  • Select the report of interest.
  • Click on the email report option to select the delivery options for the report.
What is the maximum file size for emailed reports?

The maximum file size for emailed reports is 10 MB.

All further emails will be disabled for 60 minutes if the email limit is exceeded. In addition, the email report will be disabled if any of the following is true:

  • Attachment size > 10 MB
  • Total number of emails sent in an hour per rule > 500
  • Total data usage of emails per hour > 500 MB

Please note that PDF email reports generally have a larger file size compared to Excel emailed reports.

Can we run reports by driver?

Yes. By utilizing Geotab’s driver ID feature, reports can be run by vehicle or by driver.

When I click on the Dashboard graph in MyGeotab, the Excel report that pops up has different values than what the graph shows, why is this?

You can change the refresh rate for the Dashboard graph – You define the schedule. You can find this under the Dashboard options.  If you need the dashboard to have more real time values, just go into the Enable Dashboard options and change the refresh schedule.

Why are some of the graphs in the dashboard bigger/smaller than others? Can this be changed?

The software sizes the graphs to best illustrate the information in the clearest and most concise way. Unfortunately, this is not something that you can change.

My custom report graph is not showing up on the dashboard but I have enabled the Dashboard options.

There might be a number of reasons this might be happening:

  • You see part of an excel sheet: MyGeotab will display the last sheet you are on when you saved and closed the Excel File.
  • You see the box but you only get an error message: That is because of a built-in Dashboard timeout. The timeout value is 2 minutes so if the report takes more than two minutes to run and extract the graph then you get a timeout error.
  • If nothing shows up: make sure that you or a group you belong to are added under viewers and that the correct asset groups are selected.
How do I create my own report?

We support customized reporting through both Microsoft Excel and through the MyGeotab API. To create a custom report in Excel based off of a standard template:

  • Just click on Administration > Reports > Report Views.
  • You can select any default report and download the template to customize.
  • Once you have added your customizations you can import the template back into the database by clicking Add Excel File.
  • The forum provides many useful tips and examples on creating a custom Geotab report.
Can I have reports emailed to my managers?

You can send these reports to anyone. When turning on an existing rule, click the mail button to define email recipients. When creating a rule from scratch, select the notifications tab and select Add email to add recipients.