High Performance. Scalable. Customized For Your Business.

Optimize your fleet with Connected Vehicles fleet management solutions. High-performance technology that’s scalable, flexible, and can be customized to suit your exact business needs.


Intelligent business solutions work the way you work. Connected Vehicles solutions are crafted based on your requirements, tailored to your needs, customized for your users, and fit into your budget. These are custom solutions, fine-tuned to the way your business operates. All information is at your fingertips at all times. Anywhere.

MyGeotab Dashboard – an interactive window into your fleet’s performance. View key metrics on fleet and driver behavior at a single glance. Compare the safety of your drivers with the Driver Scorecard, and analyze productivity with the Idle Time chart and Activity Summary report. You can also add custom reports to view fuel consumption and other critical trends, in addition to organizing your reports with drag-and-drop and resize functionality.

Fleet Optimization - fuel tracking
Track Fuel Usage

Better manage routes, vehicle speed, idling time, fuel cards, etc. Track fuel usage for 1 vehicle or your entire fleet. You can even compare side by side fuel usage data to optimize your fleet performance.

Create Zones

Set your own relevant maps, map views, legends and zones. You can create zones to contain smaller office locations such as parking lots, or you may define larger zones such as an entire highway

Detect Engine Issues

Get an alert for a potential critical engine health issues and easily prioritize the repairs for your vehicles. Detect issues early and setup vehicle maintenance schedules and reminders.

Create Custom Rules

Connected Vehicles fleet tracking system offers unlimited possibilities to create custom rules and reports that suit your exact fleet needs. You decide the exceptions such as idling, early leaves, late arrivals and more. And we track it for you

Detailed Trip Recording

Geotab’s patented “breadcrumb trail tracking” offers the most advanced insight to your drivers’ on-road performance. We store your trip history so you can recreate any trip, at any time, when you need it.

Vehicle Maintenance

Use active diagnostic faults and other engine-derived information to prioritize your vehicles in need of maintenance. Quickly identify core problem areas and reduce your maintenance costs by focusing on predictive engine health.