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Are You Ready for the Canadian ELD Mandate?

Fleet Compliance with Connected Vehicles


The Transport Canada ELD mandate comes into effect in June 2021.

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Now is the time to transition your fleet from daily paper logs to electronic logging devices (ELDs). As of June 12th, 2021, motor carriers in Canada are required to be in full compliance.

The ELD Advantage:

  • Improves road safety
  • Reduces driver fatigue
  • Makes administration and enforcement checks more efficient
  • Supports economic growth by integrating U.S. regulations

Simple Fleet Compliance with Connected Vehicles

Connected Vehicles offers comprehensive Geotab solutions that make it simple to navigate the Canadian ELD mandate.

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The Right ELD Solution

Connected Vehicles is an authorized reseller of Geotab, the industry-leading solution for electronic logging. With a Canadian ruleset already available, Geotab is committed to continually working towards fulfilling compliance requirements according to the new Canadian ELD regulations.

  • Meets The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators’ Technical Standard for Electronic Logging Devices
  • Supports the Canadian hours of service rules, including deferral of off duty
  • Committed to achieving third-party certification when available
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Featured Plans

Base Plan

  • GPS locations
  • VIN
  • Driver ID
  • Basic IOX support

Regulatory Plan*
Canada and U.S.

All Base Plan features, plus:

  • HOS
  • IFTA
  • Temperature monitoring

Pro Plan

All Regulatory Plan features, plus:

  • Engine data
  • Accelerometer data

ProPlus Plan

All Pro Plan features, plus:

  • Active tracking
  • Premium services
  • Advanced IOX support
  • EV support
  • Lifetime warranty

*The Regulatory Plan is geared towards assisting fleets to meet compliance regulations in Canada and the U.S.

Be Ready for the Canadian ELD Mandate

Ensure compliance using Connected Vehicles and Geotab solutions.